Interactive Video: Benefits and Best Practices

Video has become an all pervasive communication and engagement tool with the Audience. With the influx of large amount of Video content it has become much more challenging to increase its effectiveness and improve the conversions - whether you are using it for Lead generation, make users shop, gathering customer feedback, getting an app downloaded or for learning and development.

The consumption of Interactive Video is rising gradually. As per Social Media Week survey the completion rate of Interactive Videos is 90%. Hubspot in one of its studies found that Personalized Videos are 35% more likely to retain viewers as compared to Non Personalized Videos. As per Wyzowl study 84% of the marketers think Videos are more effective in lead generation. The Speil Creative in their surveys found that the growth on online sales was observed by 94% marketers after using interactive videos. It is an established fact that consumers spend more time on a video if he can interact with the content.

This is an era of interactivity and audience loves dynamic, engaging and relevant experience. Interactive Video help you create personalized experiences and the video evolves as per the viewer’s choice, and preferences.

What is an Interactive Video?

A viewer can play, pause, restart, rewind or fast forward a Traditional linear video. He cannot interact with the Video and the experience is common for all the viewers.

In case of Interactive Videos a viewer can do much more than a traditional linear video. He can actively engage with the Video through various digital actions on the Video. He can play on the Video, participate in a quiz, give his feedback, answer to survey or exam questions, watch a video in his language or can express his interest by filling in the leads for the product or service displayed in the Video almost similar to how he interacts with an app.

Most commonly used interactive video features include Lead Generation, Buy buttons, Survey Questions, Timeline Switch, Hotspots, and gamification. These features enable the brand to deliver highly personalized and relevant content to enhance the viewing experience.

The Benefits of Using Interactive Videos

Interactive videos can be used for variety of initiatives such as Marketing, Customer Service, E-commerce, Learning and Development, Human Resource, Learning Assessment, etc.

Deep engagement: Since the interactive Video engages and involves the viewer on every frame it capture the viewers’ attention and help them retain more information. Various studies indicate that viewers spend more time watching interactive videos than traditional linear videos and this dramatically increases likelihood of the viewer engaging with the Video content.

Personalized experience: Brands can personalize the Videos and send it to their target audience. Personalized Videos are likely to be seen more than non-personalized videos. The timeline switch option enables viewers to play an active role by selecting their preferred actions and learning modules to get the most relevant information presented in a way that matches their learning style.

Improved Conversion: Conversion is an important metric for marketing and much more in lead generation and performance marketing. Our conversion rates for Performance campaigns has been around 10% which is quite high compared to any other format.

Preventing Dropoffs: Since Interactive Videos allow users to take an action on the Video they do not need to go out so dropoffs are drastically reduced for the interested viewers vis a vis any digital campaign where he is taken on another microsite.

Gamification: Gamification involves viewers participation in selecting their preferred actions and gives them a game-like experience. Marketers can use gamification to create brand awareness, increased engagement with the brand and for the gratification of their customers.

Analytics: Since the user engages with interactive video much more than traditional video he leaves a trail of actions on the videos. These actions are captured by Videostori platform and shared with the clients. These actions give insights on the user behaviour and clients can use these insights to tweak their products or services for higher acceptability.

**Types of Interactive Videos **

Videostori platform can change any traditional video to an interactive Video depending on the requirements of the clients. Few of them are as follows:

Lead Generation Clients can create video stories for their products and services and then can embed the lead generation form dynamically on their videos. The viewers can experience the product/service from the video in their language and can input the lead on the lead generation form on the Video.

Shoppable Videos Clients can create videos to sell their products. The unique advantage of our platform is that you don’t need to click only on static buy button for sale to happen. You can configure buy buttons on the moving objects also through our unique technology.

Survey Videos Clients can create videos to survey their target audience. The viewer needs to fill the details on the video itself and same will be shared with the client on near real time basis. Clients can also take feedback on their services through Videos

Personalized Videos Clients can use the videos by directly addressing their customers creating customer delight. They can allow the user to navigate the video as per his interest and desire which helps create a higher engagement with the viewers.

Gamification Clients can create Video stories and gamify them by using hotspots. This helps enhance the engagement quotient of the Video. This is best used for Brand Awareness, Brand recall, Special Events campaigns and for redirecting the viewers directly to the website with some gratification

HR Videos Human Resources department can use the videos for Learning and Development by using various features such as timeline switch. This feature helps viewers to create their own learning path according to their requirements. They can use the videos for onboarding new employees. This is an excellent tool because it is able to share the user behaviour with the management. The videos can be used to hire right kind of talent as well as crunch recruitment timelines by sending them videos and requesting their responses on the video itself before the interview.

Product Manual Videos Companies can now create their product manuals on the Video and with the help of switch timeline feature brought by Videostori can allow the users to access the information which they need instead of going through the entire manual. This will help reduce the cost and increase the customer delight.

Multiple Choice Questionnaire Videstori platform helps create multiple choice questionnaire on the video itself enabling the viewers to answer them at the place and time of their choice. They can answer the same while on the move. Various schools and colleges will find this feature very useful in assessing their students.

The interactive videos can also be embedded on the websites. They give the power to the organisations to narrate their stories in different languages. They also give the power to the viewer to view only as per his requirements and interest.

As the world is evolved and mobile plays an important role in consumers life they expect two-way interactions from the brands with personalized content. Interactive Videos will help you surprise and delight your customers. They will create a higher engagement with the brand.

Videostori helps you distribute these interactive videos through sms, whatsapp, email, social and digital channels covering your customer 360 degree.

  • February 16, 2023